Music from Tribes,
through the Self,
to the Community


15.06.2021, 15:00 Uhr im Stream

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Music is a rich and deep experience that characterizes Humans, both from the anthropological and the biological points of view. The evolution of Music can be kind of a phylogenetic fil rouge that describes a path of cognitive growth from a strong sense of cooperation (for example with tribal dances), through a deep research in the Self and in the Spiritual dimensions (for example with Gregorian songs) to the actual in-tension to the need of Community. In such an evolutionary path we will focus on proprioception and attention in order to better understand what the highest cognitive functions are, id est the spatial-temporal abilities, that typically come together with the musical experience. As a further step we will deepen the embodied music experience also through the technological sonification of movements. Finally, and by consequence, we will look at dance as an effective form of clinical stimulation and of social re-animation.

Hinweis: In englischer Sprache.


Danilo Spada, PhD, Saxophonist, Psychologist & Neuroscientist